Friday, August 7, 2009

Hello, and welcome to my new blog.

I've been an illustrator for many years and thought it would be nice to dip my toe into the internet, here goes!
I've worked in various different fields from Children's books to Animation and lots of greeting cards.

I'm very lucky in that I'm one of very few artists aloud to draw Winnie the Pooh for greeting cards and Calendars in the Uk.

However you won't be seeing anything like that here as this will be the place I put other projects, scribbles and general tom foolery.

It might be a new project, an old one, links to web sites or a drawing of my cat Silkie, who often poses nude for me (ah bless)

In fact she's sitting under her heat lamp next to the desk now, dreaming of prawns.

Silkie and my wife who is an amazing artist (and who's badgered me to do this) have their own blog too

check back soon...

maa oow : )


  1. Very pleased to meet you, I follow your wifes blog and when she told us you were joining the madhouse that is blog i just had to pop over and say "welcome"

    take care

  2. I'm a big fan of your wife's blog, thought I would come over here to see your work. Lovely stuff!