Friday, October 16, 2009

Bizzy, Bizzy, Bee!

Sorry there's been no posts for a while. What with work, Brand licensing, sending out illustration samples (trying to get my own thing going) Not to mention going to The Henries (black tie publishing event, very posh hosted by Patrick Kielty, Who is very funny). Followed by a bout of illness :(

Anyway Sam and I are working with a local charity along with a few other local published artist (Hi Ag, Carolyn and Simon) to raise money fro the Bath Cats and Dogs home. This charity is wonderful and since the recession has really had its work cut out. Fingers crossed there should be a tiny exhibition in Starbucks in the centre of Bath through November and December. We are after the christmas Shoppers.
We are donating all artwork for sale and it will all be affordable. (no crazy prices) All the proceeds will go the home to continue their great work. Also leading up to christmas if anyone wants something a special commissioned illustration from Sam or myself then please contact us as all proceeds from these commissions will go to the cats and Dogs too!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bristol and Bath, Old and New.

Its been such a busy week but I got chance to do some sketching (not for work). I enjoyed it in venice and decided to do more.
The two of Bristol (the Bridge and Avon gorge) are from long ago (I found a dusty old sketchbook).

The two from Bath are from this very week's lunchtime doodles. (the hare and minotaur are sculptures by Sophie Ryder and not figments of my imagination.) Mrs M was away this weekend so I was Cinders at home with Silkiesue (buttons.) doing lots of jobs.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Children's books

Some examples of children's illustrations I have done.

Ahh Venice

Last month we went to Venice for first time. It was so beautiful that it inspired us to draw and drink and draw. Normally on holiday it would be just drink and drink and sleep.

You will notice how looser the drawing is, the more wine I have, so its official wine is good for you!

Venice is more magnificent than you can imagine.

Hello, and welcome to my new blog.

I've been an illustrator for many years and thought it would be nice to dip my toe into the internet, here goes!
I've worked in various different fields from Children's books to Animation and lots of greeting cards.

I'm very lucky in that I'm one of very few artists aloud to draw Winnie the Pooh for greeting cards and Calendars in the Uk.

However you won't be seeing anything like that here as this will be the place I put other projects, scribbles and general tom foolery.

It might be a new project, an old one, links to web sites or a drawing of my cat Silkie, who often poses nude for me (ah bless)

In fact she's sitting under her heat lamp next to the desk now, dreaming of prawns.

Silkie and my wife who is an amazing artist (and who's badgered me to do this) have their own blog too

check back soon...

maa oow : )